A full guide to freight forwarding; definition, services, reasons and FAQ

A full guide to freight forwarding: definition, services, reasons and FAQ

With the explosion of online sales, many people are embarking on this emotionally rich adventure. However, they only think that a website will be enough to manage everything. However, it is necessary to know and understand the field of freight forwarding, which is not so simple! Indeed, it is often complicated to manage the supply chain of its products : through the several phases of sourcing, shipping and 3PL. Especially while keeping the control of your goods on several thousand kilometers. It is also necessary to find out the type of incoterms to use according to the type of goods shipped.

Fortunately, DocShipper, the international logistics specialist, takes care of everything from A to Z. A good freight forwarder is essential for the success of your business. Imagine being overwhelmed with requests, with sales growing rapidly but your goods not arriving on time, this would be a disaster for customer satisfaction.

DocShipper's shipping service is one of the most complete and trustworthy business partners in the market. You get real-time, customizable tracking. So with that in mind, we want to teach you a little more about freight forwarding, the benefits of it and how it works.

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Fares FI workplace

Increasing the scale of AI in the supply chain to boost intelligence

The supply chain disruption is a global phenomenon that compels businesses to restructure their manufacturing and supply networks in order to promote resilience, relevance, and accountability. In order to build a connected and truly intelligent supply chain, such efforts depend on placing data at the center of the supply chain and applying AI to it at scale.The proper personnel, cloud technology, and an AI strategy and roadmap are essential for overcoming the barriers to expanding AI and enabling it to create real business value.

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LCL shipping

LCL Shipping | Groupage [Less Than Container Load – FULL GUIDE]

All shippers reach a certain point in the shipping process where they must take a decision about which type of container to use, what are the inner dimensions of the container and what could be the integration center. Well, at that point , they definitely realize  it's the moment to make the decision about LCL transport as a way to ensure their shipment.

If you fall into this category and happens to ship a small amount of goods, check this article to see all of your LCL shipments details and procedures. This guide details what you need to know about costs, time, comparisons with other shipping methods, and more.

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featured-image-How to select the best private label products and to kick off your sales

How to select the best private label products and to kick off your sales?

Finding an ideal supplier who can meet your requirements during the procurement process is extremely crucial. This is why you should consider the services of DocShipper, we are different from the traditional logistic company, as we can even serve for procurement of  your private label products. (personalization under your brand) or any other criteria.

During the procurement process of your private label products, we customize your experience to find the best supplier by pricing negotiation, certificate checking, verifying production capacity and examination of portfolio with respect of intellectual property.

We have capacity to offer you solutions that adapt to your project, whether it is about Legal or  Compliance services. As we offer you private label creation assistance by going through compliance verification, control and audit of legal documentation, compliance with legal according to different countries, laboratory test and even labeling, packaging, product verification. So we guarantee your procurement of your private labeling products from A to Z with a total respect of legal norms and laws.

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transportation of dangerous goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

ADR (Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road) has been consolidated in its most recent iteration by the arrested due 29 May 2009 (modified) involve a great deal of transfer of hazardous materials by land, also known as the "arrested TMD," which applies to transportation conducted on national territory.
This specific regulation for the transportation, loading and unloading of dangerous goods fits into a logical accident-prevention strategy, complementing, for example, the requirements of the labor code.
This article's goal is to present you with the ADR's general obligations:

Classifying and identifying cargo, encasing, etiquette, and marking cargo, establishing transportation documents, adhering to loading/unloading conditions, signaling and equipping the transport vehicle, training the driver and all other personnel involved, and designating a safety advisor; all while explaining how each of these points contributes to risk prevention.

To assist you in the daily management of hazardous materials handling in the context of your transportation-related activities.

To make it easier to use the ADR, simplify your understanding of its major points.

To help each participant better understand the risks, responsibilities, and challenges that arise in the transportation and logistics chain.

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