How to get a smart and sustainable supply chain:all you need to know!

How to get a smart and sustainable supply chain : all you need to know !

During the pandemic, Docshipper is determined to use the flexible combination of various transportation methods with the close cooperation with partners and suppliers around the world, which makes us guarantee the smooth process of the supply chain and the customized enjoyable experience of  customer.

Taking people to the source of value creation

Uniting the locations where value can be created into such a network that extends from the origin to the end clients is the goal of the supply chain strategy. Here   is the "guide" who will walk alongside you to reveal your best procurement locations and critical manufacturers where the company can get the most bang for your buck.

Whether you've spent years developing products or it is the first time, global supply chains forecast for 2021, also above is fast evolving, as well as what performed well 5 years earlier might not even work today. You have to have a durable and active collaborator who can handle the increased challenges of the global supply chain and keep good decisions with you, contending with global trade tensions and epidemic travel restrictions. Docshipper has a diversified team of foreign trade experts who are up-to-date on the newest developments, yet we have trustworthy ties with over 100 worldwide providers in strategic positions who are still prepared to collaborate with you now! If you really need assistance trying to overcome cross-cultural obstacles and attaining outstanding experience from China's near-infinite supply chain potential, or you just want to reap the benefits of Mexico's proximity as well as the revised USMCA trade agreements, Docshipper has the connections and expert knowledge to assist you to refine the journey to attain your objectives.

The trade experts are knowledgeable on a huge range of goods, including elevated fabrics, apparel accessories, cuddly toys, as well as high-tech electronics, plastics-formed assembly, and luxury steel merchandise. Docshipper offers the connections and expertise that can streamline your procedure and save you money. Bring us a concept, and we'll work with you to make it a reality!

DocShipper info : To help you go through the supply chain smoothly, our experts are always willing to help you. is only the beginning

Finding the proper provider is only the first step. When you collaborate with Docshipper, we'll accompany you on the whole product development journey. That means how we have trustworthy personnel on-site at the manufacturing facility in which your value of a product is created to ensure that your orders receive the attention they deserve and to rapidly handle any issues which may emerge, particularly for new products. To guarantee that your requirements really aren't "lost in the translation," our diversified team understands local languages with the providers and knows the nuances of the region.

alibaba platform

Docshipper will access a wide range of options in the supply chain management that you didn't even realize you were lacking, particularly if you've been sourcing individually via as well as related sites. We would not only assist you in negotiating prices like a native, but we will also enable you to attain product adjustments and seek alternative resources that will produce the variations you wish in order to construct the thing you love. Our team   can also work out provides opportunities with your providers to drop-ship directly from the manufacturer to your final consumers (accomplished by the merchant), also for small orders. This would save you numerous hours in logistical costs and shorten the customers' lead times. Simplify and cut costs!

DocShipper Advice :For sourcing from the online platform like Alibaba, our  3PL service is a significant part of the freight journey that you need to pay attention to.

Green Supply Chains as part of the Environmental Pledge

 Docshipper is also one of the recognized leaders in the field of sustainable sourcing. We will assist you in achieving Amazon's "Climate Pledge Friendly" label; the design teams are familiar with Amazon's 19 various sustainable products certifications, and we actively inspect and verify our providers to verify they are dedicated to the greatest environmental standards.

Incorporating sustainable, environmental features into your goods would not only serve to strengthen our planet, and it will also offer you a market advantage over similar items by lowering manufacturing costs and thus increasing profit margins. For learning more about what climate-friendly designs may mean to your products, schedule a meeting with our sustainability team now!

Hottest Markets for Your Post-2020 Supply Chain

Mexico and South America

Mexico demands your consideration as a key priority sourcing site for a new product introduction as America's next-door neighbour, second-largest import trade partner, and entryway to Latin American manufacturers. Whereas the United States has imposed high tariffs on imports on companies trying to source from China, and has recently threatened to impose equivalent tariffs on imports from Vietnam, Mexico has endorsed USMCA trade agreements with the United States and Canada, providing it with a more consistent and reliable trading environment.

Because of Mexico's immediate vicinity to the United States, return times for designs, sampling, and production plans are greatly reduced, especially in comparison to trans-pacific ocean shipments, which can be postponed during peak season when shipping ports become overburdened. From the United States to Mexico, same-week flying is possible, making supplier interaction considerably easier. Though Covid-19 has limited American travelling to many areas of the globe, Mexico stays open to American business travels and does not require extra testing or inoculations. As a result, we advise vigilance and adherence to global health norms while travelling throughout the pandemic.

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Eastern Mexican states like Coahuila, and Tamaulipas offer expertise in reduced digital gatherings for consumer products and household appliances, whilst western states like Baja California or Jalisco show an interest in elevated devices for IT applications. Guadalajara and Saltillo are all good places to look for high-quality furniture.

Garment production in Mexico has become more competitive, so it is predicted to increase at an 11.4 percent compound annual growth rate from during these years. Textile manufacturers are centred in the nation's central areas, such as Puebla in the nation's north-eastern areas.

Despite the instability in 2020, Mexico remains a stable, accessible, yet fast-growing supplier marketplace, making it the top choice if you want an extremely competitive and so more foreseeable workplace environment. Docshipper  has established strong working connections with suppliers in Mexico as well as South America. To learn more about your design and development choices, set an appointment with us.



With the trade war, the advent of a worldwide epidemic, and plenty of other headlines, it's hard to overlook China, and our experts strongly advise you just to not. China has averaged 9.5 percent growth rate since opened up to global commerce and unrestricted reforms, propelling it to be the world's largest manufacturer and largest import trading partner with both the United States, outpacing Mexico or Canada by even more over 50 percent. Following the imposition of Section 301 taxes on the bulk of the Chinese import to the United States in 2018, numerous American companies moved to mitigate risk by's strategy to manufacturers, with Vietnam or Mexico accounting for the largest of this movement.

China's ingrained domination as a worldwide industrial powerhouse, however, would not be dismantled suddenly. In reality, as the epidemic developed in 2020, American imports of Goods soared, and Chinese enterprises were among the first to resume "regular" operations to satisfy their US consumers. Though travelling into China stays severely limited now, most Chinese businesses are operating as normal and thus are eager to collaborate with you.

Leaving aside the latest taxes, there are various advantages to sourcing from China. It's domestic supply chain is unrivalled and well-developed, with practically every product category represented.

Conventional manufacturing centres like Guangdong and Shenzhen on the southern coasts are the best bets for low-cost electronics and toys, while bespoke textiles and apparel accessories may be found in Zhejiang Province. Steel companies in Hebei and Shanghai are growing and have remarkable capabilities. Docshipper has strong relationships with a plethora of eager-to-work suppliers all around China, therefore it could be an opportune year to garner additional attention from such manufacturers.

China could still be the best bet now and future, especially should you need complicated product assemblies involving electronics and numerous commodity types, and if you're ordering in small quantities. Alternative emerging economies with a superior cross-border trade incentive and more attractive workers wages should be considered if your plan is to increase your quantity or if your products require more labor-intensive production procedures.

DocShipper info : since we are an experienced shipment company that deals a vast majority of business related to sourcing from China. We encourage you to find useful information about our sourcing process and do not hesitate to contact our experts.


Like one of China's alternatives, Vietnam has already been gaining popularity. From furnishings to footwear, businesses have been flocking to Vietnam as just a suitable manufacturing destination for export to the United States. Imports from there to the United States increased by 36 percentage points in 2019, owing to US corporations moving their distribution networks as a consequence of trade between the two countries. Purchases of footwear from Vietnam towards the United States increased by even more than 11 percentage points in 2019, accounting for more than 26 percentage points of the overall US market!

the process of manufacturing

In 2020, Vietnam was really an Asian economy could achieve significant growth, other than China, after quickly containing the effects of Covid-19. Nevertheless, with a workforce of just 97 million people, it has faced skilled worker shortages but also has struggled to cope with rising demand. Although labour costs are expected to rise over the years as a result of the rising competitiveness of skilled professionals, Vietnam's present industrial wage costs are still 54 percent lower than China's and 38 percent lower than Mexico's. For labor-intensive production processes, Vietnam remains a very appealing alternative.

If the products are knits or woven garments, furnishings, shoes, or even other fabrics, Vietnam is probably a pretty good supply choice, with suppliers ready to satisfy your needs. Many providers are ready to deliver even very minimal MOQ’s in such product categories, approving requests as modest as 200 items. Vietnamese textile providers have been regarded as having several of the quickest "velocity to market" rates in the developed world, and can frequently deliver extremely short response times for prototypes and work orders despite losing quality. In reality, Vietnam's production rates are one of the top ten percent in the globe. Customized requests are indeed welcome, and Vietnamese providers can provide exceptional support to help you put your product concepts to fruition!


india flag

India is indeed a dynamic supply marketplace with a promising future. Purchases from India has increased by 6.3 percent in September 2019 and have increased by more than 170 percent since 2010. By 2020, the United States will have surpassed China and India's major commercial partner. Although India's production and supply chain networks aren't as developed as China's, major new developments offer a promising future, as well as a continuous increase in dependable manufacturing partners ready for your trade. As investments in these sectors grows, local firms are likely to grow fast in industries like food manufacturing, commodities, health and wellbeing products, fashion, housewares, furnishings, and many others.

If your goods necessitate labor-intensive production, India could be a viable choice to consider. Industry and service labour rates are over 70 percentage points less than China's,  59 percent lower than Mexico's, and 33 percent lower than Vietnam's. Despite the fact that the US and India may not have an unrestricted agreement, import tax  in the United States are still substantially lower than in China after 2018. Many Indian suppliers may have larger minimum order volumes to get started, but lead times by ocean transport can take anywhere from four to eight weeks, thus India might be an appropriate supply region if you're looking to increase your volume while lowering labour expenses.

Whereas the communication barriers aren't a big impediment for US corporations doing business in India, as English is widely spoken, differences in culture are. Allow Docshipper to be cross-cultural procurement adviser and take the guesswork out of procuring from India! The diversified team of engagement and sales has strategic relationships across India's primary growing areas that can help you find the ideal market for products.

Eastern Europe

Docshipper collaborates with a number of Eastern European suppliers who have substantially invested in automated and robotics manufacturing technologies, leading to significant efficient operations and a reliable business climate. If the product is projected to require great machining or delicate hi-tech innovation, we'll suggest the best automation solutions that will help you save money throughout the lifecycle of your product.

Docshipper Tip : Finding an ideal supplier is critical for launching your products, thus we provide you some tips on how to find the right suppliers. You can also contact our experts if you encounter any problems.

ASEAN Emerging Markets

Malaysia and Thailand... Are excellent providers of specialized imports towards the United States. Malaysia, for instance, is a major provider of garments and leather accessories, whilst Thailand excels in technology, tires, and plastic components. Docshipper's planning and supply channel professionals will assess your product requirements and collaborate with you in order to determine whether the ASEAN distribution network is the best fit for you.

The Most Recent Supply Chain Trends Around the World

Should not travel to China just because of the cheap labour! China fought on cheap labour, fast-increasing infrastructure, and generally stable trade rules throughout these years.  China's labour costs have soared by about 1000 percent in the last 20 years, so this tendency is only expected to continue. The average salary in China increased by about 10 percent in 2019 compared to 2018. Earnings in China's major cities, such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, are currently comparable to those in most of Europe. Shanghai workers make more a year than their counterparts in Albania, Slovakia and Montenegro. Nevertheless, before you entirely abandon China, keep in mind that, when compared to other nations like Germany, China's industrial labour prices are still very competitive, only with average typical factory workers in China charging about 5% less than their rivals. Nonetheless, with the gradual emergence of appealing production environments in Mexico,  Vietnam and some other ASEAN nations, US businesses seeking to China just to import goods utilizing cheap labour might look elsewhere. Whenever your product necessitates great engineering skills, and a sophisticated supply chain involving several commodities types, as well as if you want to distribute into China's massive domestic market, just go there.

In a world where supply chains are becoming increasingly unstable, how would you find enhanced security? Diversity. The last several years have shown us that the globe can change rapidly, and businesses that develop contingencies in place to diversify the source of dependence would be resistant to uncontrolled macroeconomic changes. Docshipper can design a customized long-term supply channel strategy and plan to help you meet your product release objectives while avoiding potentially disastrous risks.

Predictions From the year 2021 to 2025

the futur of supply chain

Consequences of a Pandemic

In the year 2020, practically every individual on the earth was affected by Covid-19. For some, it has resulted in loneliness or heartbreak. For the others, this has resulted in economic worry and joblessness. As people socially remove themselves and participate in meetings through videoconferencing, the epidemic has radically transformed the way people engage with others. Whilst e-commerce has just been slowly increasing for several years, the epidemic has resulted in a rise in online buying, with generally managed purchases expected to increase by 32.4 percent by 2020.

Amazon, the retail behemoth, was always serving online clients, with a 39.1 percent year-over-year increase in 2020. Other conventional cinder block shops such as Best Buy and Target, on the other hand, witnessed incredible e-commerce increases of 105 percent, 103 percent, and 79 percent, respectively. This suggests that such an e-commerce industry is fast filling up, and many businesses which have been hesitant to strengthen their online shopping ecology are now speeding up their efforts. After the epidemic has been contained and the society has returned to "normal," the trend in consumer internet purchasing behaviour is expected to persist, as more shops spend to make the procedure more comfortable for its customers.

What would that indicate for your next product launches? More people are buying online than before, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to promote your new brands. However, online shopping merchants face fierce competition, making it more critical than before to get solid product planning and supply chains that allow you to create different types of products at internationally competitive prices. Docshipper is eager to accompany you here on an adventure!

DocShipper Advice : Knowing the trend of e-commerce and freight change has become more important for your business, thus we suggest learning more about it.

Green Products

While many fads come and go, sustainable packaging design is one that gained significant popularity year after year as customers in the United States and throughout the world become ever more concerned about the effect of their purchases on society and natural communities. In fact, nine out of ten Generation Z customers believe businesses have a job to solve environmental challenges. With the accounting for over $350 billion of purchasing power in America, and Generation Z accounting for 40 percent of the worldwide consumer population, incorporating sustainability initiatives into your goods is a tendency you can't afford to overlook.

Product design that is environmentally friendly is also a smart commercial decision.  “Compact by Designs" certificate of Amazon, for example, recognizes you for utilizing more economical packing for your goods. You may minimize your package costs and increase your profitability by reducing unnecessary packaging material.

Furthermore, 67 percent of consumers were ready to spend more on sustainable items, with 87 percent of Generation Z eager to spend even more. Finally, merchants such as Amazon advertise products that meet their qualifying criteria, making it easy for the customers to find the goods.

Taxation in the trade war between China and US

Because President Trump imposed Section 301 bridge import taxes in 2018, U.S. companies purchasing goods to China have already been clutching their breaths for such a trade treaty. Most of these levies impose an additional 25% import cost on goods originating in China, and America importer is solely responsible for paying these penalties. Some American companies have carried these expenses on to customers by boosting prices, however if your competitors aren't doing the same, you lose business. The new Government has already stated that such tariffs would not be repealed quickly, and we anticipate them to be utilized as a negotiating point in the America-China trade war.

Our recommendation is to quit waiting for a new treaty and start considering your China alternatives. Whilst we cautiously forecast that these additional taxes will be withdrawn before 2025, the complete trade agreement with China could take an extra one or two years to achieve, as well as the tax removal might well be worked out over several years. Docshipper's trade experts are ready to help you find the best procurement solution for you!

Let’s Started launching

Development of Supply Chains Strategy

We'll work to resolve your best supply chain plan for product release and full-scale quantity after your designs and specs are ready. You can use our wide supply chain in China, India, and other locations to build a long-term connection with a few of our dependable suppliers who will treat you with respect.

Development of Prototypes and Samples

After you've created a strategic supply chain, Docshipper will work directly with the manufacturers to create your ideal prototypes through several modifications. Following the acceptance of your prototype, we'll work closely with the provider to establish your manufacturing processes, and you'll receive manufacturing samples for acceptance.

Product Specs Sheet Creation and Optimization of Design

Send your current product concepts or concepts to Docshipper, or we'll help you get where you want to go. Our design staff can take your scribbled ideas and transform it into 3-d models and 2-dimensional technical drawings that can be manufactured by our global supply chain. We'll collaborate with you after your design of the project to describe all the important product specs that your vendors will have to construct the products to meet your needs.

Launch of the Production

We're keen to step forward toward your manufacturing launch once your prototypes have been authorized. You'll submit your initial launch volume orders, or we'll collaborate with your suppliers to guarantee that your production requirements are met while maintaining the highest performance standards possible. We will manage the transportation and customs requirements required for acquiring your goods once your purchase is due to send. Alternatively, if you want items to be dropped straight to your clients, we could be trying to organize this for you.

Let's develop a smarter and safer supply network and market your ideal product! Docshipper would be the companion to simplifying the complexities of the production process and international sourcing inside a quickly changing environment. Are you all set? Make an appointment with Docshipper right away!

DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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